About Us

New Wave Essentials was created by Dr. Gina and Paul Hodgson, a husband and wife chiropractic team living in Carlsbad, CA. They have used nutritional supplements and dietary advice for years with their patients to achieve maximum healing benefits and performance. The main focus of their dietary advice on a general level is to focus on a low inflammation diet that also encourages healthy blood-sugars and insulin responses.

The challenge for them was in finding sustainable and pure products that actually taste good for their patients to use to support a healthy lifestyle. Part of the dietary advice they recommend is based on intermittent fasting and occasional ketosis. This requires very few carbohydrates for periods of time. In order to achieve this, high quality fats and proteins are needed to fuel, nourish, and rebuild the body. Thus, they began by creating several protein products that cater to specific needs:
– a Plant-based protein for the healthy vegan.
– a Performance protein for the young athlete and everyday body on the go
– a Paleo protein for the aging (25+) athlete including high quality collagen

Each individual may also have specific nutritional challenges and needs as well, however those are better addressed with the help of a professional. We are currently in the development phase of several exciting products to make getting the nutrients you need without the toxins easy and great tasting.