We promise to protect both the quality of the product and the brand through ensuring that you can always offer your patients, clients, and members the lowest price/best discounts available through purchasing from you directly or online with your unique wholesaler code. In order for you to become a wholesaler, you the business owner must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Wholesaler may sell products online but never at a price lower than Suggested Retail Value (SRV).
  • Wholesaler may not sell on, eBay, or other online marketplaces.
  • For sale from physical location (brick and mortar) wholesaler may not advertise online or in published print (including email) a sale of greater than 25% off of (SRV), however may offer discounts as large as they like.
  • Discounting products online undermines the product referral compensation system and quickly destroys the value and brand of the product. If such actions of a wholesaler are brought to our attention legal action may be used to recover damages, legal fees, and any other costs or damages associated with wholesaler’s actions. Typically we will begin with a warning depending on the severity of the infraction before initiating legal recourse.
  • Products can be returned for defects in manufacturing or quality only, not for reduction or liquidation of inventory or reasons of taste, change in business model, etc. Individuals ordering under your unique wholesaler ID fall under retail return policy.

In order to receive tax-free status, wholesaler must reside outside of the State of California OR we must have in our possession a valid California Sellers Permit listing your business.